Crave Avatars

This is the design process for Crave’s rebranded app avatars. Crave is a Canadian streaming service which compiles many American television and movie intellectual property into one Canadian provider. The initial ask was to create unique, entertaining, generic and expressive user avatars for use in Crave’s rebranded app and beyond.

Initial approaches

The proof of concept approach for each visual direction was to create at least five generic avatars and four expressive avatars in black and white.

This phase was reached through sharing sketches, mock ups, and lots of conversation.

Five approaches made it off of paper and into the digital space. Of those five approaches three were selected and presented to stakeholders.


Feedback and Re-approach

Stakeholders did not feel the generic icons were anonymous enough to be used by anyone; to address this the re-approached design used light, instead of features and characters, to communicate personality and mood.

The unique avatars were reconceptualized to be inspired by pop culture. This better reflected the entertaining streaming video content available on Crave.

Final Generic Avatars

Final Expressive Avatars