Your Morning, Your Vote

Visual design for CTV Your Morning’s 2019 Canadian federal election coverage. Due to the early morning nature of the show this look is intended to be applied to election campaign coverage during the Canadian 2019 federal election period, not election results on the eve of election day.

In order to fit as a long term (but not permanent) visual segment on the show I fleshed out two visual approaches based on precedents set in previous Your Morning visuals with the addition of a fresh element.

YourMorning Logo_CTV LockUp_RGB.png

1st Approach

The first approach is inspired by Your Morning’s previous use of colour treated photography, strong shapes, and large typographic forms. The recurring use of line, linked to the line featured in the Your Morning logo, is also highlighted here.

In Show Inspiration


Applied Visual Approach

This design mixes the established elements (dominant photographs and shape) with a new element; text based or iconographic pattern. This new element is extrapolated from precedents using large dominate shapes and letter forms.

Photo Collage FF.png
Photo Collage wall.png

2nd Approach

The second approach combines the show’s existing strong circle imagery with a new, flatter approach, to 3D. 3D rendered elements have occasionally appeared on Your Morning in previous segment packaging.

In Show Inspiration

Inspos_3D INSPO.png

Applied Visual Approach

This design’s creative use of 3D element harkens to the 3D heavy look of many classic news channels. Unlike the visuals on traditional news coverage this approach is flattened to give it a fresh feeling that fits within Your Morning’s flat visual space.

YM Your Vote Sting (0;00;05;04).png
3D wall.png

Final Design

The Your Morning team chose the second visual approach. They liked the connection 3D rendered elements had to serious traditional news coverage during election periods.

In addition to a refreshed visual approach the team requested a suite of visually matching text based boards and head-shot templates for use during live broadcasts. I worked with Your Morning to decide on what functionality these templates needed, designed the suite, and worked with an engineer to create the templates via an Xpression plug-in for iNews.

CU Example (00124).png

Icons developed to visually represent the Canadian provinces and territories


Head-shot and Profile Board Template

This template supports depicting 1-5 individuals' head-shots. The layout was built to be adaptive based on the following optional inputs:

  • Title

  • Name

  • Bi-line

  • Associate an individual with a political party

  • Denote the incumbent


Fact Board Template

These boards are meant to feature large text that catches the eye of busy people who often have morning television on in the background. In order to encourage succinct writing these templates have strict minimum text sizes. Two layouts were developed to increase variety during Your Morning’s daily three hours of air time. These layouts also adapt based on which fields within iNews have input or not. Some of the optional template elements include:

  • Title

  • Subtitle

  • Main fact

  • Contextual copy

  • Source


Quote Templates

Quoted text templates, one including a head-shot and one without a head-shot. The major change these boards brought to Your Morning production is the new ability for text to adapt to the size of the quote. This allows smaller quotes to be as impactful and visually stimulating as long quotes. Additionally, it highly increased the usability of these templates because it allowed the software to judge how large the text should appear, instead of a producer attempting to judge which length of text would fit into each non-responsive template. These boards support the following optional input:

  • Quote

  • Attribution

  • Attribution bi-line

  • Head-shot

  • Political party attribution